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PRO-S Double Head Wrench Set

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PRO-S Double Head Wrench Set

The Double Head Wrench Set come in various sizes :

  • 4B & 3B
  • 6B & 4S
  • 8B & 6S
  • 10B & 8S
  • 12B & 10S
  • 16B & 12S
  • 20B & 16S

Colour : Anodized Black

All Pro-S products are manufactured using high grade aluminum alloys. All components are precision machined to the exact tolerances for long term durability and high performance applications.

Choosing the right wrench set for your automobile


Minor fix-ups can forgo a trip to the mechanic or shop which can become costly. If your vehicle only needs a bit of tightening here and there, or even a check-up in general, then it becomes imperative that you carry around your tool box in your vehicle wherever you go. You never know when you may just need it. But it’s important to have the right se of tools. Those needed for your automobile are different from your DIY project tool set or the ones you use at home.


The types of wrenches


And although you will need screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets and the like, the most basic of which is a wrench set to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts of all kinds.


  • Adjustable wrench
Your standard functional wrench with an adjustable lower jaw to adjust wrench size.


  • Combination wrench
This wrench consists of one open end and one box end that’s usually of the same size.


  • Open-end wrench
This wrench features both open ends at varying sizes (usually the next size up on one end) and sometimes comes as jointed or flex-head to allow tightening and loosening at different angles.


  • Ratchet wrench
One end features a ratchet that moves freely towards one direction while locking the fastener in the other direction without the tool needing to move.


  • Pipe wrench
This wrench features an adjustable upper jaw to adjust wrench size. This is perfect for metal pipes and fittings.


  • Stubby wrench
Smaller in size wrenches that are meant to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts in tighter spots.


  • Allen wrench
Meant for tightening and loosening hex-head screws and bolts. These come in a variety of sizes so it makes sense to have a set of Allen wrenches in increasing sizes for all-around convenience.
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