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Fuel Pumps

Why You May Need To Replace Your Fuel Pump

There comes a time in the life span of both cars and trucks when a new fuel pump may be required. Find the right supplier can make the world of difference to both the performance of your truck or car – as well as increasing its lifespan. The key to finding the best supplier is to ensure that the supplier has an extensive range of parts – and supply them at a competitive price. Pro Speed Parts’s boast an extensive listing of fuel pumps, in many different sizes and specifications. The pumps that are available have been manufactured to the most exacting standards – ensuring exceptional performance, fuel saving and warranties that ensure customer peace of mind.

Substandard performance may be an indicator that a new fuel pump is required. This can be due to simple wear and tear or other damage to the existing pump. Problems such as engine mis-timing or misfiring can be caused by low fuel pressure – a sure sign that the fuel pump may need attention. However, there are other fuel pump related issues that may not be as readily apparent. Drivers should monitor fuel efficiency. Keep note of unusually frequent fuel stops when either engaged in a daily commute or on longer trips. In cases such as this, it is preferable to have an expert take a look at what is causing the issue – it is far preferable to evaluate the problem – rather than waiting for the part to fail.

Modern fuel pumps represent excellent value for money so a replacement is both cheaper than in the past – and provides savings in terms of fuel use.

What are the most common Fuel Pump issues?

There are other symptoms of fuel pump issues, for instance, if the vehicle’s engine refuses to start up easily. There is also the matter of ‘surging’. This can result in sudden acceleration even when the accelerator is not depressed. The problem is caused by substandard fuel supply from the fuel pressure regulator– and in some cases can prove life-threatening. Replacing the fuel pump can save both your life, the lives of other road users and your family. This will also have a direct impact on your bank since you will have to fill up your fuel tank more often. Aside from the reduced fuel efficiency being adversely affected a major fuel pump issue can render the vehicle inoperable. A replacement fuel filter may solve some of these issues – and extend the life of the pump. A clogged filter will almost inevitably reduce the lifespan of the pump.

What are the cost implications for a new fuel pump?

Research the cost of a fuel pump and investigate the warranties that are available.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the market for a high-performance pump or simply want to replace the existing pump with a similar model Pro Speed Parts will be able to meet your needs. Offering great deals on a full range of pumps – and peace of mind warranties this is a company that prides itself on exceptional customer service. Combined with a staff boasting extensive training that means that you receive the right part, every time. The in-depth knowledge of Pro Speed Parts staff means that they can speak with authority on the right make, model and deal for you. The company is also able to provide those in search of DIY solution with all the information they need to undertake their own fuel pump replacement or maintenance. Alternatively, check out the exceptional value for money deals and shipping options online.