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PRO-S Silicone Vacuum Hose

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PRO-S Silicone Vacuum Hose

The PRO-S Silicone Vacuum Hose is manufactured from a high-grade silicone and offer high temperature ratings which makes them ideal for cooling, heating and air vacuum applications. Silicone hoses are stronger, tougher and more flexible than ordinary rubber hoses so one can rest assured to see them fitted in every serious race car’s engine bay.

The PRO-S Hoses are available in a wide range of styles and diameters. All Silicone Hoses are available in Gloss Black for a clean and stealthy look.

Technical specifications:

Prices are quoted per 1000mm

Sizes : I.D. – Inner Diameter / O.D. – Outer Diameter

Colour – Semi Gloss Black

Resistance temperature range: -60°C to 180°C

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Vacuum Tube Size

I.D. 10mm by O.D. 16mm, I.D. 13mm by O.D. 19mm, I.D. 16mm by O.D. 23mm, I.D. 3mm by O.D. 7mm, I.D. 3mm by O.D. 8mm, I.D. 4mm by O.D. 10mm, I.D. 4mm by O.D. 7mm, I.D. 4mm by O.D. 9mm, I.D. 5mm by O.D. 10mm, I.D. 5mm by O.D. 11mm, I.D. 5mm by O.D. 9mm, I.D. 6mm by O.D. 11mm, I.D. 6mm by O.D. 12mm, I.D. 7mm by O.D. 13mm, I.D. 8mm by O.D. 13mm, I.D. 8mm by O.D. 14mm, I.D. 9.5mm by O.D. 16mm


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