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KW Variant 5 Clubsport

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KW V5 Clubsport Coilovers

Offering uncompromising track performance with motorsport technology for production-based and street-legal club sports cars with sports tire setups.

The new 4-way adjustable KW V5 Clubsport coilover offers state-of-the-art GT3 motorsport technology for the sportiest street cars with sport tire setups for track and street use. The complete suspension design of the KW V5 Clubsport coilover suspension with its unibal bearings on the front axle, racing springs, inverted-MacPherson struts (Upside-Down struts), and rear axle dampers are designed for use with semi-slick tires on production-based vehicles. During aggressive steering maneuvers and extreme compression at various racetrack sectors, the vehicle body remains perfectly supported. Through the adjustable multi-valve technology, the KW V5 Clubsport dampens bumps and relatively large transverse joints precisely. When attacking curbs, near-standard sports cars remain safely controllable with the KW V5 Clubsport coilover suspension.

KW V5 Clubsport offers the option of further tuning the driving behavior separately in four parameters low-speed rebound, low-speed compression, high-speed rebound and high-speed compression (SPCLH-A & SPRLH-A Technology). The damping of each valve can be adjusted with just 13 clicks, so that the damping can be tailored precisely to the individual driving needs. When the rebound stage is opened, ride comfort is enhanced. When the rebound valve is closed, the body’s pitching and rolling movements are significantly reduced. Handling becomes even more dynamic than in series production. The compression stage enables further influence on steering behavior, grip level and rolling comfort. Put simply, the task of the rebound stage is to connect the chassis to the road, while the compression stage impacts the compression and supports the vehicle body.

Setup – factory pre-configured damping setup with separate 4-way damper setting

Unlike shock absorbers with overflowing pistons, we separate the valves from the damper inner tube and piston rod in our KW coilovers and KW dampers with KW Solid Piston Technology.

Zugstufe V5

KW SPRLH-A rebound damping

Lowspeed V5

KW SPCLH-A compression damping

Thus, the KW V5 Clubsport with adjustable KW SPCLH-A (KW Solid Piston Compression Low- and Highspeed Adjustable) compression damping and the KW SPRLH-A (KW Solid Piston Rebound Low- and Highspeed Adjustable) rebound damping offers significant added values: more sensitive damping, cavitation-free function, precise high-frequency damping, low-pressure gas range from 6 to 10 bar and low hysteresis.

Druckstufe Highspeed

Druckstufe Lowspeed

Zugstufe Highspeed

Zugstufe Lowspeed

The low- and high-speed valve units in the KW Variant 5 coilover suspension, which are built-in series with different valve spring types and main valves, offer the freedom to individually adjust the compression and rebound damping with 13 exact clicks (14 characteristic curves) each in the low- and high-speed range. The KW Solid Piston Technology can also be used to cover a large force range when designing the characteristic curves; all the more reason to enable a completely new type of harmonious damping.

Continuous Ride Height Adjustment

With KW V5 Clubsport coilovers you can achieve maximum lowering within an approved lowering range that ensures a proper functioning suspension with adequate travel after your car is lowered. Even after years of use you can easily adjust the ride height thanks to the dirt resistant trapezoid thread and composite adjustment collar.

The Benchmark for Coilovers

As with all KW coilovers, the engineers at KW develop in extensive test cycles on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and in our test center on the KW 7-post rig the vehicle-specific KW damper setup estimated by car enthusiasts worldwide. So you will experience your car even more directly and dynamically with a KW coilover kit.


Vehicle-specific basic damper tuning


Assembly of the rebound valve


KW struts are made of stainless steel

After all, you do not buy just any coilover kit, but a KW coilover kit that has been especially developed and adapted for your vehicle type. KW as manufacturer exclusively uses own resources, high-quality components and the same damper technology as high-volume manufacturers. With the KW V5 Clubsport coilover, the roll and pitch movements of the vehicle body are reduced during compression, so you benefit from an unadulterated directness and sportier handling while driving.

Our experience means your driving pleasure

For over 20 years, KW automotive has been the market leader and driving innovation as a manufacturer of individual suspension solutions for the road and in all types of motorsports. No matter where in the world, gearheads, automobile manufacturers and reputable tuners rely on our KW coilovers “Made in Germany”.


Vehicle-specific chassis development


Production directly in-house at KW in Fichtenberg


Every KW coilover kit is subjected to extensive load tests

Every KW coilover kit undergoes extensive stress testing before production and is developed and manufactured exclusively in our company headquarters in Fichtenberg, a small in town in Germany, to meet the high standards of our KW quality management. For us as a German manufacturer, it goes without saying that our KW coilover kits will exceed the original equipment manufacturer quality and offer useful and innovative solutions. With an application list comprising more than 4,600 options KW guarantees an outstanding selection backed by our up to five years for installation at one of our KW specialist dealers.