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KW Classic Suspensions

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KW Classic Suspensions

Modern suspension technology for classic cars and young classics

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Also for numerous antique cars and young classics, we offer the perfect suspension for every demand and we further expand our delivery program also for classic automobiles. So no lovers of classic automobiles have to be satisfied with the technology state of the early fifties, sixties, seventies or eighties. The KW classic suspensions have a technical component report and offer the possibility of a stepless lowering within an approved range. Depending on the application, the classic suspensions are available in different damper versions and depending on the car, we also use struts with forged steering knuckles which makes the processing or use of exchange struts no longer necessary.

Setup – more driving safety and performance

Specially for the needs of the classic suspensions, we have developed modern damper setups with modern setup methodology on our 7post rig and at driving tests on the road. All of our suspension applications provide more driving safety and performance without sacrificing ride comfort. Depending on the vehicle-specific application, coilover struts or damper housings are made of aluminum, steel or tempered stainless steel and combined with the optimal KW damper valve technology.

KW Coilovers Variant 1

VW Golf I Cabrio

The V1 coilover kit has a target group compatible fix damper setup depending on the vehicle type which was determined in comprehensive driving tests. For example, for the VW Golf I convertible we have developed a more comfortable setup than for the regular VW Golf I. The damping setup determined from factory ensures a sporty driving behavior with modern driving comfort.

The V1 is available for Audi V8, Audi 80, BMW E30*, Ford Mustang (year of construction 1979 – 1993), Golf I, Golf I Convertible and Polo 86C.

* also in a version with forged steering knuckles (front axle spindles)

KW Coilovers Variant 2

VW Golf I Cabrio

The V2 coilover kits additionally feature an adjustable rebound damping with “TVR-A”-technology. The damping adjustment allows more sportiness and body control or more driving comfort. The basic setup from factory was adapted for the typical classic application on road use. As an example, instead of a suspension kit derived from the VW Golf that is available a lot on the market for the VW Beetle, we have developed special dampers for the use with torsion bar springs as well as coilover struts with two-point and three-point support. The strut housings have enough spring travel to enable a harmonious sporty and comfortable setup with the classic wheel-tire combinations.

In addition to the VW Beetle versions, also for the DeLorean DMC-12, a suspension kit has been developed.

KW Coilovers Variant 3

VW Golf I Cabrio

The V3 coilovers feature the “TVR-A”- and “TVC-A”-technology and are separately adjustable in rebound and compression stage damping. The adjustable spring pre-loaded low speed valve allows an additional pitching and rolling support and at the same time, by the blow-off characteristics of the main valve, the maximum cross-section of the low speed and high speed valve is opened at prompt wheel accelerated stimulations in order to provide a better comfort than with conventional damping technology. This modern damping technology enables for example at water-cooled Porsche models to prevent the typical one-sided buckling during acceleration in curves, without losing the driving comfort.Currently, the V3 is available for Porsche (G-Model, 964, 993, 944, 968), BMW E9, E30, Ford Mustang (year of construction 1979 – 1993), and Lancia Delta Integrale (EVO). At the Porsche G-model and BMW E30 with forged spindles (a bigger conversion effort is not required).

KW Classic suspensions for Porsche G-models

For years, the Porsche G-models are part of the most popular classics. Especially for these 911, we have developed suspension kits, that all feature modern damper technologies and are adapted to the latest knowledge. So no Porsche enthusiast has to be satisfied with the state of suspension technology from 1973. Furthermore, our suspensions for the G-models have forged wheel mounts on the front axle damper housings. This avoids the elaborate finding of parts which are often not available on the market.

KW V3 Dampers

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The KW 3 shock absorbers are perfect for restoration. Our complete solution enables to further use the serial torsion bars. The dampers (TVC-A & TVR-A technology) that are separately adjustable in the compression and rebound stage damping, are supplied including new forged wheel hubs. The comprehensive conversion or use of replacement cartridges is not necessary. The registration-free V3 shock absorbers give the G-model more pitch and roll support as well as an increased driving comfort.

KW Clubsport 2-way coilovers

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The KW Clubsport 2-way coilover kit features besides to racing springs and adjustable aluminum Unibal top mounts also 2-way high-performance dampers with separate compression and rebound adjustment (TVC-A & TVR-A technology). The dampers are supplied in upside-down version for the front axle and as aluminum coilover struts for the rear axle. Due to the part certificate, the Clubsport suspension is ideal for a sporty road use as well as track day events.

KW Competition racing suspensions


KW_Competition-3A Ralley

No matter if circuit, long distance or rally – we provide the perfect racing suspension kit for every purpose of application. Depending on the regulations and application, we offer 2A or 3A Competition racing solutions for the G-model. The 2A Competition suspension systems feature the TVC-A & TCR-A technology with separate damper adjustment for compression and rebound stage damping. The 3A Competition coilovers additionally have a water reservoir with low speed and high speed compression stage adjustment (TVCLH-A technology) and therefore they receive the 3A damper technology of the current Porsche 911 GT3 R (991).

Custom made productions for the highest demand

KW Produktion

In addition to the series development, we offer drivers of exclusive classic cars and young classics the option to build an individual suspension kit according to the customers wishes in our KW special construction manufactory. We take into account all requirements, which can differ significantly in terms of driving height, ground clearance, wheel loads, spring travel, spring stiffness and damping, depending on the intended use on the road, at car rallies, participation at antique car rally or at historical motorsport events.

KW 7post-rig S1

Because with KW, no driver of a classic car has to be satisfied with the state of the suspension technology from the time of his classic car or young classic. Depending on the vehicle-specific application, the coilover struts or damper housings made of aluminum, steel or tempered stainless steel are combined with the optimal KW damper valve technology (TVR-A, TVC-A and TVCLH-A). The adjustment is made on our KW 7post rig according to objective criteria for the different purposes of application. In a complex setup and adaption process, the respective target values are achieved without having to actually drive the precious vehicle. The final test drive can be kept to a minimum. If desired or required by the regulations, the suspension can also be converted into a nonadjustable damper variant after the evaluation and approval of the customer. A comprehensive documentation according to our QS processes and the specifications of the VdTÜV-leaflet (= German Association of Technical Inspection) permits an individual acceptance and entry into the vehicle papers.

Continuous lowering

The KW Classic suspensions allows depending on the version, a maximum or individual lowering within the tested adjustment range. Due to the dirt-resistant trapezoidal thread and the polyamide threaded ring, the continuously lowering can be varied quickly and easily, even after years. At suspensions with torsion bars (V3 dampers for Porsche G-model), the lowering is achieved by setting the torsion bar.

Mercedes Benz SEL Typ 300/306

The benchmark for a continuous lowering

As with all KW coilovers, the engineers at KW develop in extensive test cycles on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and in our test center on the KW 7-post rig the vehicle-specific KW damper setup estimated by car enthusiasts worldwide. So you will experience your car even more directly and dynamically with a KW coilover kit.

Vehicle-specific basic damper tuning

Assembly of the rebound valve

KW struts are made of stainless steel

After all, you do not buy just any coilover kit, but a KW coilover kit that has been specially developed and adapted for your vehicle type. KW as manufacturer exclusively uses own resources, high-quality components and the same damper technology as high-volume manufacturers. With the KW coilover suspension, the roll and pitch movements of the vehicle body are reduced during compression, so you benefit from an unadulterated directness and a sportier handling while driving.

Our experiences for your driving pleasure

For more than 20 years, we as manufacturer have been the market leader and innovator of individual suspension solutions for the street and racing applications. No matter where in the world, sporty drivers, automobile manufacturers and refiners rely on our KW coilovers “Made in Germany”.

Vehicle-specific chassis development

Production directly in-house at KW in Fichtenberg

Every KW coilover kit is subjected to extensive load tests

Every KW coilover kit undergoes extensive stress tests during production and is developed and manufactured directly in our company headquarters in Fichtenberg in order to meet the high standards of our KW quality management. So for us as a German manufacturer, it is important that we guarantee a several-year warranty on our KW coilover kits, which exceed the original equipment manufacturer quality, as well as suspension solutions which include more than 4,600 applications.