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PRO-S AN to Banjo

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PRO-S AN to Banjo

Colour : Anodized Black

Banjo ‘Eye’ body height :

  • AN3 I.D.8.5 & 11mm- (10.7mm)
  • AN3 I.D.12 & 14mm – (12.7mm)
  • AN4 I.D.8.5mm – (11.0mm)
  • AN4 I.D.10.1mm – (10.8mm)
  • AN4 I.D.12.5mm – (13.2mm)
  • AN4 I.D.10.5, 11, 13 & 14.5mm – (12.7mm)
  • AN6 I.D.12.1mm – (12mm)
  • AN6 I.D.10.5, 12.3, 12.5, 13, 14.5 & 16.5mm – (13mm)
  • AN6 I.D.18.5mm – (13.5mm)
  • AN8 I.D.10.5 & 12.5mm – (15.5mm)
  • AN8 I.D.14.5mm – (17mm)
  • AN8 I.D.16.5mm – (19mm)
  • AN8 I.D.18.5mm – (21mm)
  • AN8 I.D.22.2mm – (23.8mm)
  • AN10 I.D.16.5mm – (19mm)
  • AN10 I.D.18.5mm – (21mm)
  • AN10 I.D.22.2mm – (23.8mm)
  • AN12 I.D.18.5mm – (21.5mm)
  • AN12 I.D.22.2mm – (23.8mm)

All Pro-S products are manufactured using high grade aluminum alloys. All components are precision machined to the exact tolerances for long term durability and high performance applications.

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AN to Banjo Size

AN03 to 11mm, AN03 to 12mm, AN03 to 14mm, AN03 to 8.5mm, AN04 to 10.1mm, AN04 to 10.5mm, AN04 to 11mm, AN04 to 12.5mm, AN04 to 13mm, AN04 to 14.5mm, AN04 to 8.5mm, AN06 to 10.5mm, AN06 to 12.1mm, AN06 to 12.3mm, AN06 to 12.5mm, AN06 to 13mm, AN06 to 14.5mm, AN06 to 16.5mm, AN06 to 18.5mm, AN08 to 10.5mm, AN08 to 12.5mm, AN08 to 14.5mm, AN08 to 16.5mm, AN08 to 18.5mm, AN10 to 16.5mm, AN10 to 18.5mm, AN10 to 22.2mm, AN12 to 18.5mm, AN12 to 20.5mm


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